Linx 1020 - Power+Volume problem

If its broke and it doesn't turn on you probably wanna post in here.
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November 23rd, 2017, 5:33 pm

Hi after some pointers.

One of the schools I support bought a Linx 1020. It can't go on the network as Windows 10 Home so its been PXE booted and reimaged with Windows 10 1703 Education.

Alas, the power+volume combo to perform CTRL+ALT+DEL doesnt not work, the device just switches off if you old the power button to long and a quick hold + volume button does not do anything. The full Windows 10 Touch Keyboard is also not avilable once passed the CTLR+ALT+DEL screen, tapping into the username box does not bring up the keyboard.

The drivers used were those from the DriverStore on the device as shipped. I have also downloaded the lastest drivers from this site and that didnt change anything. Is there some software I am missing?

I did a wmi chassis query on the device and it returns back a value of 10, which is for a notebook, so the OS installed thinks the device is a notebook, and not a tablet, so my theory is this is why the buttons do not work as we expect them.
The Touch keyboard doesnt load either, and the options in Windows to have it available on the login screen only launch the Windows 7 style on-screen keyboard, which does not accept CTLR+ALT+DEL.

So, I need some ideas/insperation on where to go next. The LINX10E was ok, its buttons work as normal with the same OS version and GPOs etc. It can only really be drivers or the wmi chassis result. If it thinks its a notebook, its got no reason to load the proper tablet touch keyboard or respond to the power buttons as we would expect.... thats my theory.

Thanks in advance for any light that can be shed.
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January 1st, 2018, 5:01 pm

Hi my sister got a Linz 1020 tablet she went to download a game on it and it come up dating and then it went of and we can't get it bk on tryed charging it red light on it but still can't get it bk on can u help
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