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Keyboard Dock for 1010LTR

Give your Linx 1010 some new accessories!

Keyboard Dock for 1010LTR

by trolley1911 » January 7th, 2018, 6:55 pm

I bought a Linx 1010 LTR (Leather Edition) from eBay and I want to get a keyboard dock for it.
From what I've read the 1010/1010B keyboard dock donesn't work because of the Pogo Pins (they are more separated - )
Everyone said that the Origami for Linx 10 keyboard dock would be fine (it has the pogo pins more close together - )
but this guy from this thread says otherwise ( ) .
I really don't know what would be compatible and what should I order. I have the bluetooth universal keyboard alternative but I want the original dock because it's better.
Any advice would be appreciated in advance! Thank you!
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Re: Keyboard Dock for 1010LTR

by F0LLETT » January 9th, 2018, 8:51 am

Unfortunately this is where linx (Exertis) fall over. There internet sites are just thrown together. They show you pics of cool accessories and mention Linx models. So you do searching only to find they don't exist.

I have tried many times to get information from them and they just ignore id say 80% of there emails. They also, used to be very active here and now they can't even be bothered.

Spose its like anything, Community are the only onesthat will help you once first contact has failed.
I bought one of these, just waiting for it to arrive.
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